BSides Munich 2017

This week I got the chance to talk about deception and decoys in the form of honeystuff at BSides Munich.

The conference was very well organized, I think, and it was a really cool event with lots of interesting people. There was enough delicious food to feed an army of hackers, and there were a lot of interesting talks.

I was very happy that my talk on honeystuff got accepted by the BSides Munich team.

"Would you like some honey with that?" is the title I chose, and I had 20 minutes plus 5 minutes Q&A to present a few (hopefully new) ideas about how we can use decoys to our advantage when defending a network and servers.

For me it was something quite new; not the topic, but publicly talking to peers. I am quite used to talking to people from employees to C-level, but I can assure you it is different when you're presenting to a room full of people who already know the subject. Some probably will have more knowledge than the presenter, in some cases.

Dr. Jessica Barker has given a wonderful talk called "Would the real imposter please stand up?" where she describes that kind of situation and my feelings beforehand.

The good thing is that everyone was really friendly, and that the talks all were really cool and interesting. I also wasn't afraid that I would bore people, just that whatever I was talking about might just not be news to anyone.

But it was, at least some of the ideas to some of the people, and I am happy that I managed to entertain them and give some of them new insights into honeystuff and the defenders toolbox.

The slides can be found here:

Cooper (@Ministraitor) had his recording equipment set up and working nicely, but then I came along and didn't put my mobe into flight mode. I needed it as a presentation timer, but I really should have put it into flight mode. I will, next time. If you'd like to have a look at the video, you can find it here:

"Would you like some honey with that?"

All the talks on that day can be found on BSides Munich YouTube channel.

Thanks to everybody who contributed to make this day so special, and I think you should go out and present at a conference as well - it's fun.